Paul Johnson is a UK born, San Francisco based E-commerce consultant and entrepreneur.

Paul started his career aged 15 when he had a Saturday job working for a local computer company. Paul was so disgusted with the way the company was ran he quit after a few weeks and setup on his own. He was quickly running a successful IT company before going to university.

During his university years, Paul recruited his university as a client, before selling, aged 19. Other businesses followed and then a stint in corporate life where Paul was the Head of Online for the UK's largest pharmacy chain. Paul has also advised the UK government on Entrepreneurism and Enterprise, part of a 11 person committee advising on policy change implications. Paul holds an O Visa allowing him to live and work in the USA due to "extraordinary abilities in business and entrepreneurism".

Aged 29 Paul travelled to California, fell in love with the outdoors lifestyle and entrepreneurial culture. Specifically San Francisco instantly felt like home. Paul is now busy co-founding an exciting tech startup called Icebreaker Health set to disrupt the healthcare industry while continuing to offer e-commerce consultancy services.

Paul is also a keen skier- see photo which was taken with his good friend Andy after their first ever black run!

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